Secret Shopper Policies

Secret Shopper Policies

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Those who have applied and been selected as secret shoppers are to visit three (3) dining locations and evaluate them during the course of the semester. Anyone wishing to participate in the Secret Shopper Program must be available to make these three visits and evaluations.

Following is a list of requirements for the Campus Dining Secret Shopper Program:

  • Never identify yourself as a secret shopper to any employee or customer.
  • Do not share the information you gather to other participants.
  • The Secret Shopper program is an internal survey, therefore all information gathered and submitted is considered confidential.
  • Complete the survey within 48 hours of dining at a location.
  • Be thorough in filling out the evaluation form adding comments and observations.
  • Be sure that all responses are well thought out and intelligible.

The Campus Dining Director reserves the right to terminate your secret shopper experience without compensation if you do not meet all of these requirements.


After you have dined at three (3) specific locations and evaluated them within the semester, you will be reimbursed for the actual dollar amount up to the stipend limit. In addition to the reimbursement, you will receive $5.00 added to your card for each of the three visits. A bonus of $5.00 will be paid one time per semester if one of the secret shops is completed on a Saturday or Sunday. Additional evaluations are welcome, but only three will be compensated per shopper each semester.