Secret Shopper FAQs

Secret Shopper FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a secret shopper?
Secret shoppers pose as regular customers making purchases. They make observations and report on their dining experiences.

What will I be doing?
As a secret shopper, you will observe the seven different food venues in the Red Rock Cafe and the General Store, evaluating each venue as you purchase food and other items from the different stations.

When and where can I shop?
You may shop at either our Red Rock or General Store locations at times that are most convenient for you. However, we ask that you don’t evaluate the same station twice, and if possible that you vary the times of your visits.

What should I consider while evaluating?
Remember anonymity is the key. Do not discuss your evaluation with others or let anyone in the Campus Dining Services Department know that you are a secret shopper. As a shopper, you must be flexible and adaptable. Avoid comparing the Red Rock cafe or General Store to your favorite places or to previous visits. Also avoid making suggestions about how the business could be changed to better suit you.

What should I do when I complete my secret shopper evaluations?
You may complete your shops at any time during the semester. You will not be paid until all three (3) of your shops and evaluations are completed, submitted, and verified. All evaluations must be completed online. We recommend that you complete the form within 48 hours of your visit, so your impressions from the visit will be fresh on your mind. The three (3) evaluations must be for different stations and must be submitted separately.

What will happen after I complete the Secret Shopper Program?
After you complete your three required mystery shops for the semester, you will be reimbursed for the actual dollar amount up to the stipend limit. In addition, you will receive a $5.00 wage added to your meal card for each of the three shops. A bonus of $5.00 will be awarded one time per semester if one of the mystery shops is completed on a Saturday or Sunday.