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Resident Life Student Meal Plan

Resident Life Student Meal Plan

Residential students can select from the following meal plans for 2018-2019 School Year (prices quoted are per semester):

Meal Plan A

Approximately $61 per week.


Meal Plan B

Approximately $79 per week.


Meal Plan C

Approximately $85 per week.


Meal Plan D

Approximately $109 per week.


Selecting the right meal plan for you:

When selecting a meal plan, consider your schedule and routine. Do you need to have three meals a day to keep up your fitness and exercise routine? Or are you a light meal/snacking type? Are you an early riser? Or is sleeping in more your reality? Take the time to figure out what meal plan best meets your lifestyle, and then let us take care of the rest.

Changing Your Meal Plan:

Your meal plan can be changed up to the 5th day of class. In order to change your meal plan, you must come to the Dixie State Dining Services Office to sign the appropriate change form.

Last day to change your meal plan for Fall Semester: August 24, 2018

Last day to change your meal plan for Spring Semester: January 11, 2019

Points are non-transferable. No refunds are allowed. Unused points will carry over from Fall Semester to Spring Semester. Spring Semester points will carry on for 6 months from date last used.
If you need to break your Dining Services Contract, please view our Contract Release Policy

Holidays & Breaks

Dixie State Dining Services will be closed for the Thanksgiving Break. We will have Vouchers available for purchase, at the Dining Services Office, that will be good at local restaurants, within walking distance of Resident Life.

Alternate food arrangements will need to be made for those students remaining on campus during the Christmas Semester Break. Dining Services will be closed following lunch on the Friday of finals in December (12/14), and will reopen for dinner on the Sunday before classes begin in January (01/06).