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Red Rock Café Server

Red Rock Café Server

Position: Red Rock Server

Pay Scale:
1st Year-$7.25 (After receiving food handlers permit)
2nd Year-$7.75
3rd Year-$8.00

Report To: Production Manager

Days: Possible days for employment are seven days per week. You will know your schedule each Friday. Days off must be requested 1 week in advance.

General Statement of Duties: Responsible for providing quick and efficient service to customers. Greets customers using appropriate customer service. Taking orders from customers and giving them their correct food in a timely manner. Maintains cleanliness of counters and floors at all times.


  1. Check supplies in counter area and restock items to ensure a sufficient supply throughout the shift.
  2. Inform kitchen staff of shortages or special requests.
  3. Serve food items as the customers order.
  4. Ensure proper portion control when serving.
  5. Greet customers with a positive attitude
  6. Be on time
  7. Be polite and courteous to fellow employees and customers
  8. Keep yourself clean and neat in appearance and action.
  9. Practice good sanitary habits at all times.
  10. Other duties as assigned


  1. Food Handler’s Permit
  2. Closed toed shoes
  3. Uniform – shirt, hat, name tag
  4. Be familiar with Dixie State College Campus Dining Services Handbook